A day to remember

Laila Kakar

For the past few years I have been thinking about how life would be without love. Sometimes when I look at my friends relationships I think that maybe, just maybe love is not such a big deal. There are always fights and misunderstandings. It makes me think that I’m maybe not missing on very much. But then there are times when I see the smiles on their faces whenever they are with each other, hugging and cuddling. It makes me a bit of jealous. Usually I never get jealous but when it comes to the matter of the heart I can´t help wondering "What if?"

I never think about being alone but when it comes too Valentine’s day, I just want someone to keep me closer to his heart. It´s 6 o’clock and today is what they call the day of hearts. Today is Valentines’ day where everyone can show their true love to one and another. My friends Emily and Melinda are out with their boyfriends probably having a romantic candle light dinner or just spending quality time in each other’s arms. Holding each other’s hands and kissing each other’s lips. I on the other hand am sitting in a pub and going around with a fake id-card, and waiting for this day to be finally over so I can be less depressed.

"Can I get one beer, please?" I said.

"Sure, can I get one id, please?" I gave him my id- card. And hoped he wouldn’t suspect anything. I’m in my second year of high school.

"That will be 70 bucks."

I took the beer and started to look for money in my wallet. Turns out I didn’t have a single penny. First I don’t have any date and now no money. Could this day get any worse?

"I’ll pay for that... Could you get me a beer too?" I looked back, and there was a hot, tall guy, now standing really close to me and I stared at him for a while. I tried to remember where I had seen him but I couldn’t figure out where. I knew I had seen those honey brown eyes somewhere I just couldn´t put my finger on it.

"Um…Thanks but you really didn’t have to do it, I was about to leave any ways."

When I walked out of the pub I heard someone yelling out: "Miss, miss!"

As I turned around he was standing there. The guy I met in the pub. He had an awkward but a very beautiful smile on his face.

"Um…you forgot your wallet, Naomi."

"How do you know my name" I said in a very curious way.

"Like I said, you forgot your wallet. I’m Dave McAlister by the way." We shake each other’s hands and just as I was about to leave. He stopped me. "Um.. I was wondering. Do you maybe want to hang out?" I could see that as soon as he asked me that question he wanted to take it back, but for some reason he did not.

"Hang out with you? Do you even know me? I asked.

"You´re right. I’m sorry. I knew that you wouldn’t remember me. We met at a party of one of my friends on New Year. I wanted to introduce myself then but you seemed to be very busy. I guess you are very popular."

"I’m not that popular. Trust me. I wouldn’t be standing here if I was. Not that it’s not nice talking to you because it is. It’s just that if I was popular I would be in a much classier place than this and I would have enough money to pay for my own drink. I’m sorry I’m babbling on like this. I’ll just shut up now."

"No it´s okay. I like listing to you. You have a nice voice" he said. I think he was a little bit shy when he said it and started to look down while taking his hand through his hair.

"Thanks. I guess. So how come you are all alone on Valentine’s Day?"

"I had actually planned to be with my friends but they ditched me to be with their girlfriends obviously. I’m fine with it really. Valentine is about being with someone you love right?"

"I guess you´re right." I said. For a moment there we were just looking at each other and smiled without saying anything. I was too busy admiring his beautiful face. He was just perfect. He had a smile that you could see in his eyes. He seemed very happy for being alone on Valentine’s Day. I guess everyone doesn’t fell as bad as I do whenever I’m alone on this day. To be honest I have always been alone on this day and not just that day but every day. You see I have never been kissed before.

"Let’s go then. I know an amazing place where we can hang out. "I said.

"Let’s go then and I promise you I’m not a freak." He said and laughed a bit.

"Didn’t ask, but good to know. Thanks." we stared at each other and giggled a little bit and then left to a club called Cuba café. When we arrived to the club Dave started to look very nauseous.

"Are you okay? You seem to faint any time now."

"No I’m fine. I just haven’t been here for a very long time. Last time I was here. My girlfriend broke up with and left with a Latino. He danced pretty amazing though. I would probably have done the same."

"Seriously, are you that bad of a dancer? Don’t worry though. I won’t leave you." I smiled and then took his hand and went in to the club. We danced for a while. He was actually telling the truth. He really was a horrible dancer. Surprisingly his ex-girlfriend showed up with that Latino guy Dave was talking about.

"There she is. I think we should go." he said.

"Don’t go just yet. If you go now she will win. Let’s show her what you’ve got"

"That’s just it I haven’t got anything."

"Don’t worry. I have." We started to dance. When it comes to salsa it’s often the guy who leads. But it was kind of different here. All of the sudden me and Dave were in a competition. It was us against his ex-girlfriend whose name was Anastasia and that Latino guy. He wasn’t even god-looking but dame he was an amazing dancer. I mean the way they moved was amazing. But fortunately it didn’t last very long. I could see that Dave was one of those quiet guys who always followed his heart and didn’t seem to like to hurt other. But Anastasia on the other hand was more that kind of girl who just takes advantage of people. I knew that there was no way we were going to win that completion. Dave really sucks at dancing. He was so stiff. If I was going to lose I would not want to loose from a person like her.

On the table at our left there was a bowl of round chocolates. As soon as Dave let go of my hand I "accidently" threw the bowl towards Anastasias way and the poor girl was already on the floor. She looked so pissed and her face was all red because of the humiliation she even pushed a way that Latino guy. I never asked about his name. Anyways she started to come towards me and for a moment there I thought she was going to hit me but she just stopped and looked at me and then at Dave and suddenly started to yell and started to go her own way. I saw that there were some guards coming towards our way. But nobody throws out Naomi Wilson from a club so I took Dave’s hand once again and made a run of it.

"You’re amazing. Did you know that? Did you see her face? It was priceless." There it was. That smile again. I could seriously kill to see that smile.

"Yeah I did and for the record you seriously are a bad dancer but..."

"…thanks I appreciate It." he said in a sarcastic way. He was laughing while trying to catch a breath from the dance and the small run.

"You’re welcome. I was also going to say that the Latino guy is nothing compare to you. Anastasia is seriously going to regret it. I promise especially after that fall."

We had an amazing laugh after that and later on stopped for a few drinks at a bar. We talked and started to share stuff that we hadn’t told anyone before.

"When I was a kid my parents got a divorce and I was left alone with my mom. I haven’t seen my dad ever since."

"Well, I bet she’s a great woman. She raised I fine man like you." I said. He took my hand and started to look me very deep in the eye. "don’t look at me like that." I said.

"Like what?" he said while pulling me towards him closer and closer.

"I don’t know. The way you are doing right now" I couldn’t look him in the eyes.

"You mean in a way like I want to kiss you?"

"Yes, exactly. Don’t do it. It makes me feel like..." he was now holding me even closer and tighter. I wanted him to let go of me yet to hold me like that for forever.

"It makes you feel like what?" he said and pulled his lips closer to mine. He literally took my breath away I couldn’t say a word. We were now kissing in the most romantic way.

I always wanted my first kiss to be on the beach and now I had it. We stopped kissing and this time was not only I the one who couldn’t say anything but he seemed very shy himself. We held each other’s hand and looked over the shore. That’s when I realized that it was -2 degrees and I was shaking as hell it was awfully cold. Before I knew it Dave was taking of his jacket and putting it around me. He took my hands and held them soft in his to keep them warm, he looked like he was going to ask me something.

"Will you be my valentine" he said.

"It’s 12 o’clock Dave. Valentine’s day is over."

"I’m not asking you to be my valentine because it’s Valentine’s Day. But I’m asking you to be mine for forever."

I looked at him straight in the eyes. I putted my hands around his neck and now I was standing on my toes trying to reach his ear and then I whispered; "I thought you would never ask. I would love nothing else but to be yours forever."

You really can find love anywhere and anytime I founded mine today. I guess it really was a day to remember.

Laila Kakar

Copyright © 2013 Laila Kakar

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